Wada Hajj…

It was time to carry (take) Rasulullah to face 10th H. It means that hajj time, Muhammad SAW thought something. He want to have a big hajj. Rasulullah had been hajj twice. It was called small hajj but Rasulullah had ever done big hajj. Its time arrived to do it.

Muhammad declarated a plan to have that big hajj. This plan had been heard thought all Jazirah Arab. Listen the news, many people came to Madina. On the 25th Dzulhijah, Rasulullah went to Madina. He went with his family and they were followed by ten thousand Moslems. It was about 9,000  people. It was said 244.000 people. I thought that they were the biggest ever passed the Hot Sahara together.

On 8th Dzulhijjah, Rasulullah and Group went to Mina. Almost afternoon, he asked to his camel “Al Qaswa”, he went to the middle of Wadi in Urana-Arafah area. On his camel, Rasulullah said throught his khotbah. Muhammad SAW closed his khotbah by saying “Oh God I had informed”

People answered together, “Alright” Then Rasulullah said : Oh God, watch it!.

After Rasulullah went down from his camel, he was there until Dhuhur and Ashar. After that, he drove his camel to Sakharat. In There, Muhammad read one of God Said Al Maidah ayat 3th : “Today, I will perfect also I bless for you all your religion and I fulfill a happiness to you and also I bless your Moslem as your religion”

Abu bakar cried to hear that section. It was symbol of the Rasulullah’s journey in doing hajj finished. In the night, Rasulullah left Arafah and stayed in Muzdhalifah. In the morning he went down to masjidil Haram after that he went to Mina to do Jumrah.

In the camp Rasulullah staughthered 63 camels. The total of camel is same with his age. Muhammad out his hair to finish his hajj. It was one the biggest hajj that he had ever done.

Translated by EC SMKN 4, Blitar.



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