After fasting for one month, now this is the time for celebrating our victory, Idul Fitri. The moslem all over the world have different ways of celebrating this event, such as meeting their relatives, putting a new clothes and visiting their neighbors.

However, one important things is that forgive each other. Because by doing so we can maintain our relationships which were strongly recommended by the great Prophet (Rasulullah SAW)

Abu Usaid Malik bin Rabi’ah as Sa’idi radhiyallahu’anhu once said : “When we were setting next to Rasulullah SAW, suddenly someone from Bani Salimah asked : ‘Rasulullah, is there away of showing respect to my parents after they died? ’  ” Rasullullah SAW answered : Yes, by praying and asking forgiveness for them, performing the will, maintaining relationship them, and showing respect to their friends . (“Hr Abu Dhawud”)

So, happy Idul Fitri, let us strength then our relationship.

Maintaining relationship : menjalin silaturrahmi

Asking Forgiveness for parents = memintakan ampun untuk kedua orang tua.

Performing what is written in the will : melaksanakam janji keduanya.


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