Jabal Uhud

Jabal Uhud is the name of the biggest hill in Madinah. It is located more or less 5 km from Madinah, on the side of old road Madinah – Mekah. Jabal Uhud is a group of mountains, which is general mountain are connected one another, that’s why it is called Jabal Uhud Which means “Separated mountain”. Prophet Muhammad called it as one of mount which are found in heaven, so if we have seen it now in this world insya Allah we will see it again in the Heaven.

Started from 1984, the journey of Haj pilgrim from Makkah to Madinah or from Madinah to Jeddah don’t pass this road anymore, but they pass through new road. In the valley of there happened a great war between 700 Moslem against 3000 Makkah Musyrikin. In the battle 70 moslem died as shuhada, among them was Hamzah bin Abdul Munthalib Prophet Muhammad’s uncle. The war happened in the 3’rd of Hijriyah Year, when musyrikin reached the border of Madinah Moslem were discussing which was led by Prophet Muhammad.

Many disciples of Muhammad proposed at last to go against the enemy coming from outside Madinah, the proposal was agreed by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Some archers were located on the top of Jabal Uhud to attack them if they started to attack Moslem in

that  great war Moslem got brilliant winning. Moslem arches on the top of Jabal Uhud, when they saw the things left by the enemy, they left their post and went down to pick up enemy’s belongings, meanwhile Prophet Muhammad SAW had instructed them not to leave their post what ever happened.

By leaving their post, that situation was used by Khalid bin Walid (before becoming Moslem)  an expert of strategy who led a horse army, move their men back to attack Moslem. So, Moslem were defeated till there were 70 Moslem died as shuhada. In the war Hindun Binti Utbah hired Wahsyi Alhabsyi, Jubair servant to kill Hamzah because Hindun’s father was killed by him in Badar war. And also Jubair bin Mut’ im promised with Wahsyi that he would set him free after he could kill Jubair;s uncle in Badar War. Prophet Muhammad SAW himself got injured in that war. The preceples of Muhammad who should were killed because their body were full of arches. After the battle finished the group of Musyrikin were back to Makkah. Prophet Muhammad SAW ordered the victims to be buried in the place there were killed. So, there were many shuhada in one hole. (Translated by Yarmiyeti, SMU Negeri 1 Pekanbaru)

Muzakki MagaZine Pebruari 2009









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