Holiday Experience year 2012-2013

Holiday Experience year 2012-2013
vacation time last year my family went on vacation to my new home Sidoarjo, where I stayed for 2 days there, I was not happy because deserted and no entertainment of any kind, eventually 1 day and a half I felt uncomfortable and finally my brother said to dad me if I wanted to go back to the house in Surabaya, my mom and dad finally agreed to go back to the house in Surabaya though apparently angry father,!! 0900 my family had been to a house in Surabaya there filled with the sound of firecrackers crowded, people who play music use sound, there are many of my neighbors that burn corn, chicken, and other fish, and after I put things goods, my family and I joined my neighbors join together again-grilled corn and grilled fish taste very, very happy to be together with family and my neighbors,,, at 12.00 the night had already arrived but the area I was not even sleepy village but rather crowded, I usually do not sleep at this hour. I usually sleep at 09.30, the sound of firecrackers was getting harder


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